A project led by INAF and strictly related to the Cherenkov Telescope Array International Observatory.

ASTRI, Astrofisica con Specchi a Tecnologia Replicante Italiana, is a project of the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research, MIUR, and the Italian Ministry of Economic Development, MISE, led by Italian National Institute of Astrophysics, INAF and strictly related to the Cherenkov Telescope Array International Observatory (CTA). 

The CTA will be the largest ground-based observatory in the very-high-energy gamma-ray range. It will be based on more than one hundred Imaging Atmospheric Cherenkov Telescopes located in two sites, one for each hemisphere. One set of the CTA small sized telescopes array has been proposed to be made of nine or more ASTRI telescopes. 

The prototype of such telescopes, developed by INAF and named ASTRI SST-2M, is installed at the INAF "M.G. Fracastoro" observing station located on mount Etna. IASF-Palermo is strongly involved in the ASTRI project, both in the management of the entire programme and in specific areas as camera, electronics, performance study, end-to-end calibration of the telescopes and scientific related topics as well as in the speaker and publication office.

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Contact person
Osvaldo Catalano

Rodolfo Canestrari
Milvia Capalbi
Osvaldo Catalano
Giancarlo Cusumano
Antonino D'Aì
Melania Del Santo
Carmelo Gargano
Salvo Giarrusso
Domenico Impiombato
Nino La Barbera
Valentina La Parola
Giovanni La Rosa
Maria Concetta Maccarone
Teresa Mineo
Antonio Pagliaro
Pierluca Sangiorgi
Alberto Segreto
Giuseppe Sottile

Technical team
Benedetto Biondo
Giacomo Fazio
Francesco Russo