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    CTA - Cherenkov Telescope Array,
    an advanced facility for ground-based VHE gamma-ray astronomy


    The Cherenkov Telescope Array CTA project is an initiative to build the next generation ground-based Very High Energy (VHE) gamma-ray instrument. Its objective is to explore in depth our Universe in VHE gamma-rays and investigate cosmic non-thermal processes, in close cooperation with observatories looking at other wavelength ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum, and with those using other messengers such as cosmic rays and neutrinos.

    The CTA Observatory will consist of three types of telescopes with different mirror sizes in order to cover the full energy range of interest; the design of the array foresees a factor of 10 improvement in sensitivity in the current VHE gamma-ray domain ranging from 100 GeV to some 10 TeV, and an extension of the accessible energy range from 20 GeV up to 300 TeV.

    The CTA Observatory is designed and developed by the International CTA Consortium which has been growing steadily, currently encompassing more than 1350 scientists and engineers from 210 institutes in 32 countries worldwide.

    The INAF/IASF-Palermo Institute strongly contributes to the CTA project through the ASTRI Program.

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    The CTA Team at IASF-Palermo

    The IASF-Palermo CTA team was defined at the beginning of 2008 to take part to this adventure; with different commitments and tasks, the following IASF-Palermo personnel is nowadays part of the CTA Consortium:

    Scientific Staff
    * Osvaldo Catalano
    * Milvia Capalbi
    * Giancarlo Cusumano
    * Melania Del Santo
    * Salvo Giarrusso
    * Domenico Impiombato
    * Nino La Barbera
    * Valentina La Parola
    * Giovanni La Rosa
    * Maria Concetta Maccarone
    * Teresa Mineo
    * Bruno Sacco
    * Pierluca Sangiorgi
    * Alberto Segreto
    * Giuseppe Sottile

    Technical Staff
    * Benedetto Biondo
    * Giacomo Fazio
    * Carmelo Gargano
    * Francesco Russo

    Contact persons:

    • Osvaldo.Catalano at
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    Several papers discuss both the CTA project and the broader scientific goals of gamma-ray astronomy. A selection of these can be found here.

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